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While digital transactions have dominated modern life, there is still a role for checks. Especially considering checks can be ordered or used online, paper lovers will still have a place in the world. Some establishments also prefer to take checks for things like rent or contract services as a means for accounting.


Is it possible to print my own checks?

With your check print order online, it’s actually possible to print your own if you have the right equipment. You have the benefit of customizing them while filling in some of your company’s or personal information. Of course, you also have to strictly follow your financial institution's procedure so everything I legally sound.

Along with your check printer, you need MICR font support, check stock and magnetic ink. If you order some partially printed checks, that would save some of the hassles. With partial checks, you can just have the printer to payee names, number amount and other stuff you would have to fill out.

Pretty much any printer can make checks but it doesn’t produce the best quality or secure end products. Although, it would be best to still use magnetic ink as it works great with your bank’s check machines.

Although magnetic ink isn’t mandatory, you need to be aware of the security risk using plain ink. Bank information and routing information can be changed and a transaction can be lost in the process. This I why pre-printed checks can have just that and you print the rest. It is also a hassle for merchants to process checks manually, in which delays or mistakes can occur.

There is also specialized software that assists with checks printing and editing. Quickbooks is one of the popular check software and many businesses will already have it. These types of programs also involve tracking payments, which will streamline the check writing process.

Should I buy checks from outside my bank or credit union?

While banks are recommended as the go-to source, it will come at a premium and it really isn’t necessary. If you are a business, you can be going through hundreds of dollars worth of checks without realizing it, which then discounts become handier.

A print order online may be made to get checks rather cheaply and to save time. Online check companies have to meet industry standards so they are accepted everywhere. In addition, they should have a reasonable amount of security and integrity so that their checks are reliable.

In particular, reputable companies will use modern check printers to counteract counterfeiters. These machines are certified so that they meet security standards and will usually have identifiable icons to let you know. Check for the CPSA certification or the company’s reputation via the BBB or other agencies.


Buying checks online is safe and viable as long as you get it from the right source. Checks are also a great way to keep track of personal transactions and control one’s budget. If you want secure and affordable checks, check out our services in our online store.

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